Excellent customer service is what makes Westgate Optometrists stand out. Informative, experienced attention, focusing on customers' individual needs.

Westgate Optometrists, are the original Optometrists at Westgate Shopping Centre. We attract a very loyal clientele due to providing consistent, caring and outstanding customer service. We don't promote a 'one size fits all' approach, as we know everyone is unique, with different visual needs. We get to know each customer first, building rapport, asking lots of questions and performing a very comprehensive exam, before determining the best option to recommend to each individual. This may mean glasses, contact lenses, prescription sunglasses or a combination. It may mean eye exercises, treatments, referral, or just a normal recall. The overwhelming positive feedback we receive is centred around our attentive service, the unique help we provide when choosing the best frames to make people look the best they can and our genuine interest in helping people be fully informed about all appropriate options, and frame and lens choices, before they make their final decision. Quality counts!